Antique T-Cart for Pair

By Ives & Miller (Axle Mark)


Now available for purchase. Antique T-Cart in large pony to horse size for a pair. Lovely lines. Rock solid carriage body and chassis. Wheels are strong and tight with good hubs. Little to no axle wear. All original upholstery and boxes are still intact. Locking box seat. Original pole. Two original oil caps in excellent condition. One oil cap in poor condition and one missing. Manufacturer is unknown but axle is marked Ives & Miller, New Haven CT. Considering that it is most likely an east coast built carriage. No Brewster details but reminiscent of Kimball, French or Demarest. Tight, crisp details of manufacture and all original with the exception of the paintwork. This carriage is a prime prospect for a detailed restoration.

Vehicle Specs:
Track Width: 54" (hubs extend another 4-1/2" each side)
Length of Pole: 86" from splinter bar
Ground to Top of Dash: 55"
Ground to seat height: 52"
Front wheels: 34"
Rear wheels: 43"

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