In Stock Ready To Ship - VSE-SP Mini Cart

By Frey Carriage Company


Base model w/ 24" marathon wheels ($2,995) custom color wheels in Illusion Lime Time ($195) Nerf Dash ($195)

Additional Options Available: Most bolt on options are in stock and will not delay shipment. Items such as Marathon Shafts, Cart Stand, Cargo Carrier and Foot Rest to name a few can be added at checkout and be shipped along with the vehicle.

Equines 45" and under
Weight 57 kg. - (125 lbs.)
24" diameter marathon wheels with hard rubber tires
16" x 31" seat cushion
Overall Length:62" w/o shafts
Overall Height: 45"(L) to 48"(H)

Seat Height: 31"(L) to 34"(H)
Shaft Height: 27"(L) to 33"(H)
Sh. Length: 46"(S) to 53"(L)
Sh. Width Front: 15" to 24"
Sh. Width Rear: 31"
Wheel Track: 43.5"

The Sprint Driving Cart is an outstanding choice for daily pleasure driving, showing, training and conditioning. In the design of the Sprint Cart our priorities are driver and equine comfort, durability in construction, practicality in an attractive design all at a fair price. The standard Sprint Cart shown is loaded with standard features that appeal to every driver. As you browse our site you will find numerous options to make your Sprint all your own. 

The tubular steel fabricated frame is tough yet elegant in design. Our standard finish is gloss black powder coat giving long lasting value for our customers. The floor pan is .25" aluminum deck with a satin bed liner finish. The comfortable seat is upholstered in an attractive commercial grade black vinyl. Wheels are steel marathon type with 1.25" hard rubber tires and roller bearing hubs with powder coat finish.

Adjustable axle for perfect balance 
Adjustable seat for driver comfort 
Adjustable shaft length and width 
Adjustable spring suspension 

Removable shafts 
Whip socket 
Spring assisted shock absorber suspension
Easy entry design

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