B) VSE-SP Mini Small Pony Sprint Cart from

By Frey Carriage Company


PLEASE NOTE: These photos show Sprint Carts with a variety of optional items. The Base model includes features listed in this description. All available options are shown individually on the Sprint Cart page.

This Sprint is the perfect fit for that middle ground of larger miniature horses (VSE) and very small ponies.

Equines 45" and under
Weight 57 kg. - (125 lbs.)
24" diameter marathon wheels with hard rubber tires
16" x 31" seat cushion
Overall Length:62" w/o shafts
Overall Height: 45"(L) to 48"(H)

Seat Height: 31"(L) to 34"(H)
Shaft Height: 27"(L) to 33"(H)
Sh. Length: 46"(S) to 53"(L)
Sh. Width Front: 15" to 24"
Sh. Width Rear: 31"
Wheel Track: 43.5"

The Sprint VSE comes standard with many of the great features of the full size Sprint Carts. Smooth ride, powder coat finish, attractive design make the VSE Sprint a popular choice. Weighs only #125 as shown in photos one of the lightest VSE carts in this size range on the market today.

Adjustable axle for perfect balance
Adjustable seat for driver comfort
Adjustable shaft length and width
Adjustable spring suspension

Removable shafts
Whip socket
Spring assisted shock absorber suspension
Easy entry design

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