Sport-Ray Combination Carriage
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Sport-Ray Combination Carriage

Sport-Ray Combination Carriage

Marathon, training, pleasure driving the Sport-Ray covers all the bases. Smooth riding independent torsion axle suspension. Easy to enter and exit. Comfortable adjustable seating. Comes standard with adjustable marathon shafts for singles.

Building Your Custom Mini-Ray or Sport-Ray: Begin with the model sized appropriately for your equine. Once your base Ray has been added to the shopping cart come back to the main Sport-Ray page. Select the individual options for your custom order. Each option needs to be added to the shopping cart individually.

Ordering: We often have new vehicles in stock for immediate shipment. If we do not have your order in stock our average lead time on four wheel carriages is 180 to 220 days.

Shipping: Our carriages are shipped mostly assembled. The seat is removed (4 bolts). Shaft inserts are removed (4 bolts). Our carriages are custom crated at our facility for commercial transport. We offer two shipping options on four wheel carriages. 1) $599 shipping to a business address (must be a commercial location) with a dock or forklift. 2) $749 residential delivery with lift gate service. Both options with pricing will show up at checkout. Please contact us for rates outside the United States.

We would be happy to answer your questions or prepare a quote for your review. 

Message or phone us at (920) 623-1998