Rebel - Mini/VSE Size Cart

By Frey Carriage Company


The ULTIMATE first cart, training cart, daily pleasure driver.  As the shafts elevate for larger horses your seat always stays level.

Standard features include adjustable shafts, adjustable seat, adjustable balance, whip socket, powder coat finish, several wheel options, vinyl seat with 2" high density foam, adjustable shock absorber suspension, durable mesh floor.

34" to 11 Hands
Weight 49 kg. - (110 lbs.)
24" diameter wire wheels
16" x 32" seat cushion
Overall Length:54" w/o shafts
Overall Height: 42"
Seat Height: 27"
Shaft Height: 24"(L) to 29"(H)
Sh. Length: 48"(S) to 55"(L)
Sh. Width Front: 17" to 24"
Sh. Width Rear: 27"
Wheel Track: 46"

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