Heat - Bring It On

  • By Todd Frey

It's summer. Heat and humidity is back in Wisconsin. Seems like it's going to be a warm one. We've had a pretty good run of it already and it looks like 90's next week.

There has been a vacant commercial lot next to our shop forever. Just sitting there looking crappy year after year. Well this year it finally sold. We will have a new O'Reilly Auto Parts coming in next door. That will come in handy!

This project is headed to Canada. A new Switchback. Scott started in on the body this week and it's coming along very nicely. The Switchback is our four passenger Wagonette for singles and pairs.


This particular order is draft size so our largest version.The track width on the draft model is 58". The body is wider and the suspension is raised accordingly for the big guys.

The frame is tubular steel. We install an aluminum body panel on the sides that is typically done in a contrasting color. The spindle going across the bottom is the upper pivot point for the rear trailing arms.

The trademark rear step. Watch for another update on this one in a week or two.

Have a great week!

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