Forming Steel and Tufting Buttons

  • By Todd Frey

You guessed it. We build carriages. Pretty much every doggone part of them. We turn hubs and spindles. Roll and weld wheels and frames. Assembly, trim and all the upholstery.

It all happens here in our shop in our little town of Columbus Wisconsin. I was born and raised here. Columbus is a quiet (sometimes too quiet) little town getting ever closer to the sprawl of Madison.

Over the last twenty years in the carriage trade we have done tons of antique carriage restoration. Built numerous one of a kind custom carriages. We still do a bit of that but staying more focused on our standard models these days. We like forming steel and tufting buttons.

We always have a bunch of new projects in the works. Sometimes the design processes goes smooth and fast. Sometimes not so much. Believe it or not carriages are complex. Well when we make them they are anyway. Funny how that works.

I guess we could build things just like everyone else. That's just not our style. We're innovative and we're building a better mouse trap. Sometimes that takes a while.

I used to be a pretty regular blogger. I think I lost interest because of the format of blogspot. I guess that's as good as anything to blame it on. I might just pick it up again so stay tuned.

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